What happened in 2003.

December 2003
As usual December was a busy month with lots of concerts and carols playing. Read about it here!

November 2003
November was the month of the GBBA Contest - read our report on our performance here.

October 2003
Lots went on in October so if you missed out on the gossip then read up on it here!!

September 2003
Read our 'Summer Round-up', about our training band and lots more here.

August 2003

July 2003
July was a busy month for the band so if you missed anything, then catch up with what happened here.

June 2003
June saw the band move house, move seats in the band and we did some playing too!

May 2003
May saw the Band play its first bandstand job of the season and its first concert in Churchdown ever. Read about this and more here!

April 2003
Amazing AGM, Tenth in Torquay and new players being born! A lot happened in April so why not have a read about it here if you haven't already!

March 2003
Read all the news from March here! 

February 2003
February saw the band compete in the GBBA Entertainment Contest - read all about it here!

January 2003
Read all about what went on in the bandroom in January!

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