What happened in 2004.

December 2004
There was lots of exciting news items this month, plus lots of seasonal performances! Read about it here.

November 2004
Read about the GBBA Contest and the start of the festive fun...

October 2004
Read a review of our concert with the Police band...

September 2004
There's lots of news to read about here...

August 2004
The warm up to the Anniversary Celebration Part 3 begins

July 2004
Relegation and resignation news this month! Oh dear....!!

June 2004
Read all about Steve Sykes' visit to Tewkesbury and our first park job of the year!

May 2004
Read all about our 30th Anniversary tour!! It was very exciting!!

April 2004
Read about the wedding of the year!!

March 2004
A review of the area contest will appear here shortly - honest!

February 2004
Read about the GBBA Entertainment contest, the run up to the regionals and the band's new commissioned march, "Tewkesbury".

January 2004
January was a sad month for the band as two of our supporters sadly passed away.

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