What happened in 2006

December 2006 - Christmas Capers and the odd crocodile!

November 2006 - Remembrance & Christmas Lights

October 2006 - Civic parade, Gloucestershire Youth Band

September 2006 - Hellos and Goodbyes, bandstand season ends, Battle of Britain parade 

August 2006 - Training Band Tour to Sidmouth and the Band goes up the Abbey Tower!

July 2006 - a Beer festival and an Indian Wedding this month!!

June 2006 - Norwegian Spirit, Proms fun and superstar Trombone players feature this month!!

May 2006 - Phoenix Festival of Brass, the bandstand season starts, the Abbey Fete

April 2006 - AGM review and a walking bass line...!

March 2006 - Lots of news, oh, and the Area Contest!!

February 2006 - Nigel Fever and new players!

January 2006 - All the news can be found here

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