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'Brassed Off'
9th to 13th May
The Band had a fantastic time collaborating with the wonderfully talented Twyning Players to put on 4 nights of performances of a stage adaption of the film Brassed Off. Taking the role of the 'Grimley Collierly Band, we mostly hid away at the front providing the music but some members did take to the stage for the Saddleworth March Contest scene and to serenade 'Danny' in hospital complete with miners helmets and lamps! It was a brilliant week of performances and series of rehearsals in the weeks prior to it. Many thanks to the Twyning Players for inviting us to be a part of it.


All In An April Evening
23rd April
The Band enjoyed performing at Ripple Church on Sunday evening in a concert we titled All In An April Evening.
With a mixture of Spring music and music from England (on St George's Day!), it was a wonderful mixture of music with something for everyone to enjoy!

Palm Sunday Parade
9th April

The sun shone on the Palm Sunday parade at the Abbey today.
Gloucester Beer Festival
1st April
The showers tried to stop the fun this afternoon at Gloucester Beer Festival but thankfully they passed over fairly quickly and the Gloucester drinkers were hardy folk who had come well prepared for the weather. We opened with a aelection of tunes that will feature in the production of Brassed Off! that the Band is doing with the Twyning Players in May. Helen Walters beautifully played the popular Concerto d'Aranjuez and later joined forces with Rebecca Marshall for a great rendition of Something Stupid.

There was a good mix of the old and new with Morgenblatter, One Day Like This, Don't You Want Me Baby. and Florentiner. Martin Cullwick gave another great rendition of Wanderin' Star, and the audience were treated to the usual Dambusters finale. A big thank you to our deps for the day - Rob Folland, Debbie McDougall, George Cullwick and Grace Windsor. We hope everyone had a fun time.


West of England Area Contest, Torquay
12th March
We finished 15th out of 18 this time round. A little disappointing but subject to any changes by the Regional Committee we should still be in the Third Section next year! We played a good performance off the number one draw and entertained the few members of the audience in the auditorium at 9:30am. We also enjoyed a few rounds of crazy golf, some digging on the beach, plenty of ice cream and a drink or two!

A nice review from The British Bandsman:
1. Tewkesbury Town (Nigel Morgan) The Boggart is well thought out and the band delivers all that is asked by the conductor. Appropriate style and tempos all the way.  More nice playing in House on the Hill, with all soloists doing their bit. Possibly a bit light in dynamic contrast at times but it is all in good shape from the band. Blackley Village sets out at a nice tempo and it's all within the bandís scope. The conductor works hard at times to keep it steady but the good work pays off with a very well directed performance overall to get us started.
Afternoon Tea Concert
5th March
The Band had an enjoyable afternoon giving an Afternoon Tea concert at the Watson Hall featuring a variety of music and a delicious feast of sandwiches and cakes.

The concert was opened with the famous William Rimmer march Punchinello. This was followed by an overture by Suppe called Tantallasquallen that featured some wonderful cornet playing. The Strauss waltz Morgenblatter whisked our audience away on a trip to Vienna before we transported them back to Yorkshire for a little Last of the Summer Wine. Our bass trombonist Martin Cullwick then took centre stage to entertain the audience with his playing of Wanderin' Star. We closed the first half with Men of Harlech to mark the recent passing of St David's Day.

The audience were then treated to tea and cake in the interval to get them in good spirits ready for our first public performance of next weeks test piece Darkwood by Dan Price. It is an exciting piece based on the history of the town of Blackley in Manchester. The first movement depicts a mischievous spirit called a Boggart who inhabits a beautiful natural clough. This transitions into a hymn like second movement based on a church on a hill before the folk dance final movement depicting the evolution of the village of Blackley into an industrial centre. The Band gave a good first public performance which entertained and captured the spirit of the movements. We just need to keep working on the detail and clarity across the week ready for our trip to Torquay. We followed a boggart with a bogart as we played As Time Goes By from the film Casablanca. Dan Hart and Helen Walters then stood to play a cornet duet based on the Nancy and Frank Sinatra song Something Stupid. The Band then played A Peaceful Moment in memoriam of all our lost band players and supporters. The concert was brought to a close with the jaunty Spanish Gypsy Dance.

It was a fun afternoon with an appreciative audience. A big thank you to all of the people who baked cakes, made sandwiches and served the audience.


80th Birthday!
24th February

Happy 80th Birthday to long serving member of the Band Betty Ellis! We enjoyed some celebrations after band practise!
"BRASS" In Concert!
Monday 20th February
On Monday evening Harrison Williams, a product of the Band's Training Band and now studying music at Birmingham Conservatoire directed a fantastic performance of a redacted version of Benjamin Till's musical "Brass!". A great night was had by all who attended. Congratulations Harry. A review of the show can be found here
: http://www.4barsrest.com/reviews/concerts/con2045.asp
CAMRA Tewkesbury Winter Ales Festival
4th February

The Band enjoyed entertaining the drinkers at the annual CAMRA Tewkesbury Winter Ales Festival in the Watson Hall this weekend - especially the well thought out participation in The Dambusters - complete with paper airplanes for everyone!


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