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Betty Clark
Bb Bass

Betty joined us in Tewkesbury in 1998 after playing with Gloucester City, Hawthorn Brewery, Gloucestershire Constabulary, and the Gloucester Regiment of the WRAC Staff Band.

Betty was introduced to brass bands by her parents who played in a Salvation Army Band. When Betty was old enough to play, they were not ready as women were not allowed to play. So instead, Betty decided to 'show 'em' and joined W.R.A.C. and passed as a musician.

Betty has had many memorable times through banding which include; Concert Kneller Hall, A.S.M., Edinburgh Tattoo, 4 times Lord Mayors London Show, Royal Tournaments, TV Game Show, and the film Carry-on-Sergent. Her saddest memory was playing at the last parade and concert of the W.R.A.C. Staff band in June 1992. Amazingly though, she claims her happiest moment was joining Tewkesbury Town Band!


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