2003 - 2005

John Jemmett
Solo Horn

"We are pleased to announce that John Jemmett who has been helping us out on solo horn since September of last year has now formally joined the band from Cheltenham Silver. John is relatively new to brass band contesting and our appearance in Torquay will be his first time at the West of England Area Contest. His arrival has added depth to the middle sound of the band and someone to help get the drinks in after band practise!" [March News 2003]

"Once upon a time there was a young school boy. Whilst he really enjoyed all his lessons at school he found that he used to get bored at lunchtimes. Then, one rainy, boring lunch hour he saw a poster, a poster that would change his life forever! It was a poster for free brass lessons! The young school boy was so excited that he ran along to sign up for it. The day came when he finally got to touch skin to brass. He was given a trumpet to play. It was the shiniest thing he had ever seen! The young boy was so happy that he took it home and practised and polished it every day. Little did he know that this would one day give him the privilege of playing with the Tewkesbury Town Band!"

This was John's story - well, based on John's story! Before playing with Tewkesbury, John played with Monmouth Band and Cheltenham Silver Band, who he still helps out today.

What was your most memorable banding occassion?
Playing Jurassic Park in the Massed Gwent County Youth Brass Band 9on 2nd Flugelhorn out of 6!) in Ebbw Vale. To say it was loud would be an understatement! The recent trip to the Areas in Torquay to my first major contest comes fairly close though.

What are your banding ambitions for 2003 and beyond?
To learn to play properly!! Seriously, I'd like to do into more contests and get some more solo's under my belt. I'd also like to go on a band tour after hearing so much about the band's recent trip to Germany.

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