2005 - Now

Training Band 2003

Martin Cullwick
2nd Trombone

2008 Questionnaire

Musical Background: Started playing Tuba at school (1970) but changed to the Trombone after 3 months. Tutor was Stan Smith from Evesham (are you still out there Stan?!) - back in the days when instruments and tuition were free at school! Musical qualification peaked with a Grade 3 CSE!

Which Bands / Ensembles do you (have you) played with on a regular basis? Bredon Hill High School Band, The Vale Youth Band, Tewkesbury Training Band and currently Tewkesbury Town Band.

What has been your most outstanding banding experience to date? My son [Ed] being sick 6 times on the same ride on the funfair at the Butlins Contest 2007!

What is the best advice you have received? Go back to the recorder!

What are your favourite pieces of music that you have played? London River, General contest pieces

What are your favourite pieces of music to listen to (brass band)? Anything as long as its a quality recording.

What are your favourite pieces of music to listen to (any genre)? Folk music, Irish, usually female voices.

Who is your favourite performer and why? My boys George and Will. Their talent had to come from somewhere, perhaps mine hasn't been tapped yet?!!

What are your musical ambitions? To improve greatly!

Thanks Martin!

Winner of:
Jeff Clarke Cup awarded to the Band Member of the Year 2009