1997 - Now

Nigel Morgan
Musical Director 

Nigel Morgan joined Tewkesbury Town Band in 1997 after playing with brass bands for over 30 years.  He always said that if he went back, it would be with a baton and not a brass instrument in his hand (although he has been known to pick up a euphonium a number of times since he has been with the band when we have been short of players!).


Nigel comes from a strong brass band family, with his two brothers and his father all playing in the same band at one stage. Nigel first played with Coleford Band and then moved to Lydbrook Band where he became Chairman and stayed for some 20 years. During this time, the Lydbrook Band moved from the lowest section to the highest level in the brass band competitions.  

Whilst he was playing, Nigel played under the direction of some of the greatest names in the brass band world such as Geoffrey Brand, Roy Newsome, Lyndon Baglin and Professor Walter Hargreaves. All this experience is now being passed on during our rehearsals.

Following his retirement from playing, Nigel spent a few years making a name for himself as a compere for local concerts. Then, one day, he saw an advert in The British Bandsman that was asking for a conductor for the Tewkesbury Town Band. He thought about it but did not act upon it until he had also seen it in his local newspaper and the Bandsman again - you  can tell he obviously really wanted the job!! Then once he had met Keith and Pete and been taken to the pub he just couldn't say no!! 

Whilst conducting the Band, Nigel has three aims: 
1) To enjoy making music as a band
2) To entertain the public
3) To progress in the contest field.

There is no doubt that Nigel has not only brought musical experience and knowledge to the band, but also a great deal of fun. Enjoyable rehearsals are a regular feature of the band and from which Nigel develops concert programmes which are always fun and entertaining.


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