1996 - Now

Sue Corrigan
1st Baritone

Sue joined the band in 1996 when she swapped her knitting needles for a baritone! Inspired and taught by John Smith, MD of Rednock School band, Sue stopped going to band to listen to her three daughters play but to play herself as well. Having previously reached Grade 5 standard on the piano when she was a child, she was not learning music completely from scratch. Sue joined Woodford Silver Band (a local non-contesting band) in 1994 and then in 1996 when she was taking her daughter Amy to Tewkesbury Band was asked if she would like to join too. 

Sue was the band secretary for nine years until 2011 and continues to do a stunning job as the band librarian!

Winner of:
Jeff Clarke Cup awarded to the Band Member of the Year 2000 & 2006


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