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The Band





Grace Windsor

Alex Blencowe

Emily Brewis

Thomas Stephenson
Daniel Hart
Emma Keene

Rebecca Marshall
William Skuse

Shannon Huntley

Adam Gillett

John Moore
Isaac Parry
Mark Windsor

Flugel Horn
Linda Lee

William Brewis

Lucy Windsor
Sue Wilmot

Win Nash

Hannah Spry

Theo Wildman










Hannah Norman

Penny Windsor
Jim Stephens
Thomas Keene

Amy Williams
Henry Hick


Megan Taylor

Matthew Lee
  Thomas Petticrew

William Wade
Emmeline Turner



Nicole McGillivray

Gerry Petticrew

John Lampitt
Hannah Benbow

Paul Stephenson
Jennie Henley

Dave Dron
Hadrian Walters

Becky Wilmot
Hannah Williams
Alix Wilmot
Ben Stock


Total at 1st April 2011 = 40 members + 3 helpers